About Me

I am a 4th (final) year PhD student in Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Prof. Kevin C.C. Chang. I have also spent time at Google DeepMind, NVIDIA, and Amazon.

My research vision is to endow machines with general intelligence while ensuring their operation remains ethically sound. I have primarily focused on understanding and expanding cognitive and ethical boundaries of large language models, particularly at the intersection of reasoning, factuality, retrieval-augmentation, privacy, attribution, etc.

I’m on the job market this year! Feel free to reach out :)


[12/2023] Invited to serve as an Area Chair/Action Editor for NAACL/ARR.
[10/2023] New critique paper: Large Language Models Cannot Self-Correct Reasoning Yet [pdf]
[08/2023] We introduce RAVEN: In-Context Learning with Retrieval Augmented Encoder-Decoder Language Models [pdf]
[07/2023] New position paper: Citation: A Key to Building Responsible and Accountable Large Language Models [pdf]
[05/2023] Two new preprints on the analysis of privacy leakage risks in LLMs and ChatGPT. [Quantifying Association] [Multi-step Jailbreaking Privacy Attacks]
[12/2022] New survey: Towards Reasoning in Large Language Models [pdf] [paperlist]
[05/2022] Are Large Pre-Trained Language Models Leaking Your Personal Information? [pdf] [media coverage]